星期五, 7月 14, 2006


Hi, everyone~~~~ how are you guys doing??? It must be much more better than me!!!! Ok, now, I would like to talk about my 2 weeks experience in this so called ‘top U’ of our nation. First of all, the haluansiswa week was quite impressive, it is indeed a sweet memory though quite tough for certain times, especially have to sleep at 2 or 3 morning and wake up at 5. All of us were keep on practicing the cheer throughout the day and night, it was so exhausted, the only purpose of doing those was you can show your kolej’s ‘greatness’ or strength when all kolej students gathered at dewan for listening those taklimats, truthly, that moment really impressed me greatly.

4000++ students doing 11 kinds of different cheers (totally 11 kolejs excluded 11th kolej is for pre-U) and ‘sub’ (shoot) other kolejs. Every kolej students followed their cheering manner, shouting as loud as possible, hard to imagine that wonderful moment!! Although everyone said that haluansiswa sucks because of blah blah blah reasons, they will not able to forget every moment of haluansiswa, for sure. I still remember ‘Lu shinchan!!!’ one of my kolej sub cheerings. I am from UM 8th kolej, kolej kediaman kinabalu.

Besides those cheering stuffs, there were lots of sports and art competitions during the progress of haluansiswa. I joined my kolej’s English debate team, although I know that my English speaking is not well, anyway, I just want to enhance my English level. Undoubtedly, with my ‘outstanding’ general knowledge, my kolej finally got 2nd runner-up. Frankly speaking, I quite missed the haluansiswa week. After this week, everything turns to normal, and officially I became a mahasiswa of University of Malaya.

First week of kuliah feels very free, lecturers only giving introduction or briefing to those subjects. We first semester only can take 16 credit hours, therefore my schedule is quite ‘loose’. But, my kolej is damned far away from science faculty, approximately 1km, far like hell!!! All of my stamina depleted once I reach my dewan kuliah, so tired!!! Moreover, I have something to ‘shoot’ my stupid kolej!!! My 8th kolej really sucks!!!! I think that ‘refugee camps’ is the best term to describe my kolej. (My friend even describe it as ‘Nazi concentration camp’!!!!) You guys just imagine it how worse the situation is!!! A room for 3 residents, single bed one is for senior, then, a double-decked is for two juniors. Juniors are so pity, since they have to share a table and a wardrobe, so spaceless!!

The most unfortunate thing is, my damned kolej is promoting that what what ‘integrasi nasional’, so juniors have to share room with different races’ roommate. Ya, I didn’t mean anything, I also support government’s national integration policy, but sometimes not everything have to be integrated one. Amazingly, one day I carelessly put my Lotus Sutra (a Buddhism scripture) just next to his al-Quran, luckily it didn’t cause any misunderstanding.

The impressive scenery of my ‘dear’ kolej is our close relatives --- monkey!!!! The monkeys attack!!! Since my kolej located at a hill which surrounded by forest, so there are lots of wild animals ceroboh my kolejs oftentimes. Don’t think they are monkeys only, if their amount is more than 30, this is quite harmful to our human race. Those intruders conquer our basketball, badminton, and volleyball’s field, they also will invade our canteen area, climbing here and there, sometime they will enter our room too. So SCARY!!!!

Another thing, our meal is really sucks!!!! Firstly no spoon or fork provided. Secondly, there have no any alternative food besides spicy and fried!!! Thirdly, blah blah blah……. Etc etc.

This Wednesday, I been to 12th kolej for my dinner, finally I found my oasis there!!! 12th kolej is really a UM paradise, their environment is damned comfortable, a beautiful lake surrounded by greenie trees, their kolej buildings look like high cost condominiums. The most important thing is there are a great variety of food selection, e.g. Chinese mix food, chicken rice and etc etc… Besides that, 12th kolej has Cyber café, Clinic, and Safety department. Our cochranean has 3 people staying there, there are Shi Ying (U6S3, studied Estate Management), Suet Leng (U6S1, studied Mathematics), and another also from U6S1 one, don’t know what her name. They are so so so lucky!! Unfortunately, the distance between 8th and 12th is extremely far, rougly 2km, otherwise, I will go there everyday!!!

Talk about my kuliah, maybe it will make you astonished: the leature who teach Sejarah and Falsafah Sains is a Mat Salih, a White people, a Dutchman!!!! Really incredible!!! Hard to believe that an european teaching us Sejarah!!! Hahaha~~~ UM really geng!!! The rest as I expected, all Malays~~~

Lastly, I joined the working committee of UM pesta tanglung, hopefully you guys who stay in KL can come to UM and give me some my moral supports in order to sustain me from ‘be killed’ in that the 8th concentration camp.

Yeah~~~~ HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) result released, I got Band 10!!!!

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Hello !!! MR chicken wing !!! sorry man cant go out with u on this saturday coz my friend is leaving malaysia nextweek so i'm going out with him tomorrow... Well, glad to hear that your new uni life sounds interesting man... ACtually ur uni is not very far, when free, i can go there and find u yam cha man... hehe.. coz i'm in holidays now WISH u GOdlike and dominate in ur UNI lar... dONT XiA Shui me man haha QINGAR ~ fatty

Kaitechz 提到...

qing ar~~~~
thx for ur comment!!!
rmb to call me out for yamcha!!! i wont xia shui u 1, i wont xia shui my comrades.....
i will b the person who bring UM to top ten best U in world!!!!

qing ar~