Something about KAITO

This autobiography I written in July 2009 for the sake of a contest. Now I decided to repost it here for merely sharing purpose. Ermm.... nothing interesting inside, you may IGNORE it if you have no time...


About KaiyiT

Kai Yit. Kaito. His full name is Liew Kai Yit, a Hakka-Cantonese hybrid, fourth generation Chinese Malaysian who lives in Kuala Lumpur, but he considering himself a Selangorean and ready to serve his state. Currently, he has just finished his undergraduate study (B. S. in Biotechnology) in University of Malaya, and his official graduation date is in August.

‘Kaito’ is his cyber name and used in any corner of internet, this name original came from a manga (Japanese comic) character he likes the most, who called ‘Kuroba Kaito’ or well known as ‘Kaito Kid’ in Detective Conan comic series.

He is very skinny and yet he still hasn’t find out reasons behind. Previously, he used to have dream to become muscular and has tried out various XXX brand milk powder and tablets, but it didn’t work at all. Perhaps this is matter of DNA or God’s purpose, he at last surrenders to it. = =lll

He has a nickname called ‘chicken wing’ since standard 4. Not because of his thin body outline, but his own name ‘Kai Yit’, which has 90% of pronunciation resemblance to ‘Gai Yik’ (Chicken Wing in Cantonese)!! Nonetheless, he is quite unhappy with this ‘chicken wing’ sometimes.


Passions on Voluntary

Before the tentacles of politic came to him, he joined a voluntary organization which is established in Taiwan, called TZU CHI. This organization had occupied most of his extracurricular time of campus life, and ideology of Tzu Chi has enlightened him a lot, especially knowledge of environmental protection. Besides that, he had organized plenty of recycling programmes, home caring visits to orphanages, and he also participated before in voluntary work at hospital and library (to assist unsighted friends to read and write).

This is no doubt a precious experience in his life. And that’s reason he loves this quotation so much: ‘Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.’ (From His Holiness Dalai Lama)

Idealism of Free And Fair World

He strongly believes that ‘freedom is the right of all sentient beings’ (Guess what, this is famous quotation from Optimus Prime!), and he is very impressed by democratic revolution history happened throughout the world. During his campus life, he had secretly involved in underground student movement for sake of campus betterment. He has a dream, he believed one day everyone can live in world which cherished with liberty, equality and fraternity.

He currently is searching for comrades who sharing same idealism with him. ^^


His Hobbies

He has a great variety of hobbies, like reading, blogging, travelling, drawing and etc. He likes to read no matter what kind of books and he can read anywhere anytime. Every outing with friends, he will definitely bring at least a book with him. He has huge collections of books, approximately 10000 pieces in his home, including complete collection of Jinyong’s novel, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter etc (plus thousands of manga!!). He blogs since 2005, and blogging has became one of his daily needs. Sometimes, he draws manga and cosplays, this probably influenced by her sister who is a manga maniac (and semi-professional cosplayer too). He loves to travel, he had left his footprints in every state of Malaysia, except Sabah. And, he had been to Singapore and China. Now, he is planning his Taiwan expedition!!

He believed that addictive in internet is the major killer to his hobbies. At least, one of his hobbies has been perished, but he planned to resurrect it in coming September: That’s my dear Erhu!!T.T


10 untold stories of HIM

1. He is a SINGLE, but actually he has decided to be relationship UNAVAILABLE for these 5 years.

2. He RARELY listens to English songs, but actually the only time he sang in the PUBLIC was a song from Linkin Park.

3. He is a sincere BUDDHIST devotee, but actually the religious quotation which has influenced him the most is came from the Holy Bible’s GOSPEL of Matthew.

4. He likes politic and INTERESTED in any political activities, but actually during his campus time, he selected to join an organization which has strictly RESTRICTED him from any politics.

5. He is a SCIENCE student, but actually lots of people have misunderstood that he was kind of student who major in Chinese Studies or HISTORY.


6. He is considering himself as a die-hard believer of liberty and DEMOCRACY, but actually he had worshipped absolute DICTATORSHIP and viewed it as the best system of governance for more than 7 years.

7. He always believes that he is excellent in CHINESE essay writing, but actually the first time he won prize in writing contest was a MALAY language writing competition.

8. He DRIVES every day, but actually he had REFRAINED from driving for almost 5 years due to a phobia which was caused by a severe car crash during his Lower Six.

9. He is six feet height and this is considered TALL from Asian’s perspective, but actually 90 percent of girls he has been fond of in past 6 years are cute and SHORT.

10. He is a KL guy and knows to SPEAK Cantonese, but actually he learnt to speak Cantonese at 17 and before that, he was totally ILLITERATE to the language.

He is Kaito, but actually he is Kai Yit...

-Kai Yit (July 2009)